Homefire Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs 60L Bag

Large Handy bag of kiln-dried logs (Loose volume equivalent 0.1m3)

£13.50 Per Bag

Hardwood Logs & Kindling


The best burning firewood is hardwood logs,

our logs are Air dried for appox 2 years and are

below 20% moisture content

and are ready to burn.

(freshly cut wood can have a 60%+ moisture content)



After we’ve cut and split the wood into logs, they then go into our drying crates until they’re properly seasoned. Each crate will allow maximum ventilation and the gaps between the loose filled logs allow the

air to circulate to aid the drying process. 

Naturally seasoned air dried logs are the most environmentally friendly form of woodfuel available.



Eco Woodwool firelightes 50 pack £4.75

Small net kindling £3.50 or 4 for 12.00 

Large net kindling £4.00 or 4 for £15.00

Mega net kindling £5.00 or 4  for £18.00

(This is a big net of kindilng)

Hardwood Logs

  Hardwood Logs (netted) £5.00  

0.6 Cubic metre Bulk Bag loose fill £60.00

(tonne bag)

 1.2 Cubic metre Bulk Bags loose fill £120

Truckloads (1.2 cubic metre) £120

 Trailer Loads (2.4 cubic metre) £240

Large Truck Load (5 cubic metre) £480

Logs Size Available

25 cm (standard)

33 cm (Long)

20 cm (short) 


 Kiln Dried


Kiln dried logs provide you with the ultimate burn quality with maximum heat output.

Kiln Dried logs can be burnt on DEFRA approved stoves in smokeless zone

Log Size

25cm (standard)


1.2 Cubic metre bulk bags loose fill £150

1 cubic metre bulk bag loose fill £125


Small Bulk Bag 0.6 cubic metre loose fill logs £75.00 (Tonne Bag)


 Why buy logs from us


We supply top quality Hardwood logs for burning


low moisture content in our logs mean they burn hotter for longer


Delivered to your door when you need it


Our large stocks means we always have firewood for sale, any time of year


Logs are supplied in bulk by 1.2 cubic metre, or for small quantities, we supply firewood logs in nets.

kindling also available in nets



We offer a free delivery service

on load sizes from large to small depending on customer requirements.

All our firewood are cut from sustainable sources, either managed hardwood plantations or windblown timber. All trees to be felled are individually selected as part of a management programme to improve the woodland for biodiversity and subsequent timber production. Woodlands are managed to provide a sustainable harvest through coppicing, thinning, felling and the planting of new trees.