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Quickfire Firelighters – Pack of 14 Ideal for coal fires, barbecues and bonfires, these firelighters offer a quick and easy way to light.

Hardwood Logs & Kindling


The best burning firewood is hardwood logs,

all our logs are barn dried and are

ready to burn.

Hardwood Logs (netted)

Kindling (netted)

Hardwood Logs (Bulk Vented Log Bags)


Truck and Trailer Loads

Lorry loads




After we’ve cut and split the wood into logs, they then go into our drying crates until they’re properly seasoned. Each crate will allow maximum ventilation and the gaps between the loose filled logs allow the air to circulate to aid the drying process. Each crates holds a cubic metre of loose firewood.


Why buy logs from us


We supply top quality Hardwood for burning


low moisture content in our logs mean they burn hotter for longer


Delivered to your door when you need it


Our large stocks means we always have firewood for sale, any time of year


Logs are supplied in bulk by cubic metre, or for small quantities, we supply firewood logs in nets.

kindling also available in nets



We offer a free delivery service

on load sizes from large to small depending on customer requirements.

No more swinging an axe,

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