Eco Woodwool firelightes 50 pack £6.50

Small net kindling £3.50 

Large net kindling £4.50

Hardwood Logs

  0.6 Cubic metre Bulk Bag loose fill £75.00

(tonne bag)

 1.2 Cubic metre Bulk Bags loose fill £150

1.2 Cubic metre loose £150

We can deliver up to 4.8 cubic metres in one delivery

Logs Size Available

22.5 cm (standard)

33 cm (Long)


 Kiln Dried


Log Size

25cm (standard)

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs (netted) £6.00

 Bulk Bag 0.6 cubic metre loose fill logs £90.00

(Bulk Bag)

1.2 Cubic metre loose £180




We offer a free delivery service

on load sizes from large to small depending on customer requirements.

All our firewood are cut from sustainable sources, either managed hardwood plantations or windblown timber. All trees to be felled are individually selected as part of a management programme to improve the woodland for biodiversity and subsequent timber production. Woodlands are managed to provide a sustainable harvest through coppicing, thinning, felling and the planting of new trees.